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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 14, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we have been searching the web for the best videos of the day, and we have them for you "right this minute." a nice ride turns into a scary moment when -- >> oh! >> dude had a tree all right in his lap. >> see the close call nobody saw coming. >> the tree just fell on e me. not an attendant in sight, so this lady hops the counter and goes for the cash. but watch this, the clerk then realizes that something is going on. >> oh, no.
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get her. get her. >> the cinderella clue that she left behind that might get her busted. plus, little chase catches his first wave with dad. >> look at him, perfect little surfer stance right off of the bat. >> and now the father/son duo tell us how they hang ten. and this brave man is about to attempt one bold stunt. >> he looks at that fireplace and says, yeah, i could totally make that. >> find out if he gets through or just gets burned. you could be the most well trained cautious rider on the road like this guy, barry, who is a motorcycle instructor and still never be prepare for every eventuality. >> ooh! >> dude had a tree fall right in his lap as he is riding his
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motorcycle. as you can see, managed to stay upright and not crash the bike after he was -- >> the tree fell on me. >> and of course, he has a couple of colorful words to describe what happened to him. knocked the wind out of him and gave him bruises and scratches, but other than that, what could have been a horrific accident not too bad. knocked the mirrors off of the bike and a solid hi hit. luckily, the riding buddy saw what happened and comes back to check on him. >> [ bleep ]. >> are you all right? >> yes. >> sure? >> i have never had a tree fall on me before. >> yeah, that is the worst when you get the wind knocked out of you, it takes a while to set in, and then it is worse, but look size of the tree, and we are not talk about a twig or a branch, but it is amazing that didn't kill him. >> and this is one guy you want to meet. >> branch by branch coming down
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on top of the guy. it is always interesting for us to be able to see what firefighters have to do when they approach a home that is on fire, and in this case, they are pulling up to a home in oxford, mississippi, and you can already see the smoke coming out of the windows. >> everybody out of the house? >> right there, we quickly see that that room is on fire. >> we are good on the backside. >> once they do the walk around to make sure there are not any other unseen hazards they make their way inside of the home, and almost instantly the helmet cam goes black. >> anyone home? anyone home? >> go straight. >> i need some help. >> that is the first thing they
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see after it goes completely black is the raging fire. >> eventually they extinguish the fire and head back out, but not before realizing they have to go back because someone was there this whole tim time. >> oh, are they calling for a c cat? they are callinging for a kitten. >> that is inside of the home the whole time, and after a small search for the cat, the firefighter with the helmet cam spots the kitten in a chair. >> there he is, right there. >> and they saved its life. >> all right. rename that cat smoky or sparky or something. >> and fireball. >> here he is, right here. get him. >> and a couple of surveillance videos that i want everybody to take a close look at, because police need help finding these dirtbags. the surveillance video, and we
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are inside of a qt convenience store in spartansburg, north carolina. now, watch the man inside on your screen, and he is looking to purchase these items and look at the man behind the counter, and look at what he pulls out from underneath his clothing. >> this that a shotgun? >> that is a shotgun, and he goes over-the-counter and tries to get some counter. police are looking for this man, and they are hoping someone recognizes him. >> and he didn't even take the groceries. another dirtbag caught on surveillance inside of a gas station convenience store, but we could call this one a dirtbaggette. a woman this time. you see her inside of the convenience store and there is the glass protector that is inside of the window, and it is open, and she is looking around and doesn't see the attendant so she climbs through the opening
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and she begins to operate the cash register. it looks like she knows what she is doing. she gets the cash register open, and according to the reports takes several large bills, but watch this, the clerk then realizes that something is going on. >> get her. get her. get her. >> oh, man. >> come on! >> oh. >> and he had her by the leg, and she by reports kicked him, and he lost the grip, but she lost both of her sandals, so police do have those. >> she must have just lotioned up the legs or something, because she slipped right there. >> she was right there and she got away. police say she did flee in a dark minivan and they are hoping that someone recognizes her. >> so when you are stuck in your apartment and you really need to get out, but your mom has taken the keys, what do you do to get out? you climb out the window, which appeared to be a problem for a woman in south russia. she climbed out of the window
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and got stuck. she lived on the second floor, and you are thinking that it is not that far to go, but as you can see here next to the hip-hop graffiti, you could see they had to call the emergency services to get a ladder, and then she climbed down. >> they had to get a ladder? they could have reached up and grabbed her. >> i am going to be honest, i'm embarrassed for her, and at this point, jump down. it is a grassy and cushiony little landing there, and jump down. >> they said she misjudged the whole thing because she is holding onto the window sill and she has her hands on the bars of the window below, but she could not manage the final jump. >> but not only that, you could put your feet in the gray and then literally climb down to make a two-foot jump. and then you are on the ground. is graphic. >> when the scene of an accident becomes a crime scene. how do you forget this guy? >> i would be so angry. >> why the man behind the wheel has people outraged. and it is a hard to watch
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individu video -- >> but
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it's friday, everybody, and you know what that means. >> yes, the top ten videos all cued up on the website. >> head to and look at the viral videos. >> and you can have a rtm weekend. >> in is video that is proof that you should not drink and drive and we have heard it over and over, and you will see scenes like this, and i must caution you. this is graphic. >> whoa. >> that scene of video released by police in north charleston, south carolina. responders were on the scene of an accident that had occurred as there was a disabled car in the adway and a fire truck positioned the car so that nobody would run into it, but they say that t driver of the black hdaw into traffic
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going to opposite direction to avoid the fire truck and hit the responders and three teenagers. the person that you are seeing here is the suspect. his name is felix garcia romero, 26 years old, and you can see ng up.he is having trouble told the officers he only had two drinks, and they report that he had an expired insurance car and he did not have a valid driver's license. >> were there a lot of injuries in this? >> three people suffered broken legs, and three teenaged girls were hit, two responders and another juvenile hurt in this. >> how do you forget this guy? >> that makes me so angry as a first responders and police officer to see the scene, and clear clearly this guy being impaired that way. >> and now the fbi is saying that the suspected driver faces deportatio deportation. ralph's just kicking it. >> hi, mate.
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just chilling. you take it easy. as far as father/son bonding experiences go, this is the coolest. you have lit 3-year-old chase straube and his dad jacob and video s caught his first wave a he is paddling out, and chase is holding on and dad is saying, we are about to pop up, chase, and watch this, buddy. here it comes. dad pops up, and chase stay s ton the board and dad says, you have to stand up, and he grabs chase, and look at him, perfect surfer stance right off of the bat. look at him clenching the teeth, and the kid is hanging on and a real pro. dad says he is a water baby and
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loves it out there in the ocean. but they are not done. dad gets him right back on the board and closer to the camera this time, and as he is paddling out again, he takes a wave to the face, and you can tell, it does not phase him. he is smiling. what awesome bonding experience and you can't beat this. okay. >> any chance this kid is not a surfer when he grows up? >> no chance. >> and dad and jacob are joining us right this minute from hawaii. how are you guys? >> hey! >> chase, did you have fun out there? >> yes. >> what was the best part of surfing? >> the big wave. >> how long have you been dreaming about this moment to be able to surf with your little boy? >> ever since i have been a dad, frankly. >> have you been teaching him to surf on his own and when will he be able to go without dad on the board? >> he is in swimming lessons right now, and when is comfortable without the life jacket i will get him on the board. >> and what do you think of
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seeing yourself on the surfboard? >> do you like seeing yourself on the surfboard? >> yes. >> as a dad, can you describe how special this moment is to you? >> it is awesome, and just capturing his facial expressions and the joy he had in his face. >> and it looks like he is not afraid of anything when he is out there, and he took a big wave to the face, and he smiled through it. >> yes, fearless. when i picked him up, heot right in the stance right away and went with it. >> great job, chase. thanks for hanging out with us, buddy. it is massage time at the zoo. >> i would not mind a kangaroo do ing th doing that to me. >> yep, it's all good fun until it isn't. next "right this minute." and still to come, big trucks coming, but it turns a little bit too sharp for that truck. >> oh! >> see why this rollover could have been way worse.
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plus, this cutie is having a snack, and nope, that is not an apple. >> look
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all right. try not to be too freaked out by this. this is the game of drones web series and these guys teach guys
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how to build different styled drones for the hobbyist, but this one, though, it is combined with a little weaponry, a paint ball gun. >> he has a go pro camera mounted inside of the drone wirelessly attached to goggles on the ground which allows the gunner to look down the barrel of the gun in realtime at the target. you have it radioed up in the car to trigger on the gun. >> no way. that is crazy. >> isn't that pretty incredible? they worked on this drone for months. one guy flies the drone, and another guy acquires the target and shoots. they have the drone with the paintball gun on board, and another aerial drone that is used to take video of different paintball combat experiences. you can see that it works. air-to-air, and just completely blotting out the camera of the target with paint, and they try it air to ground chasing down a guy. he is not zigging and zagging
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too much, but running a straight line and the drone keeps up, fires the target and contains it. >> this is what you call a too close for comfort situation. we are at an intersection in russia and pay close attention to the green truck coming from the left-hand side of the screen. that turn is a little too sharp for that truck. >> oh! >> oh, no! >> holy moly! that guy barely survives. >> that person on the scooter there. so lucky. >> that is what i'm saying, because he notices, and backs up and backs up some more and then just gets off of the scooter and runs. >> you can see that he clipped the front wheel. >> yes. >> wow. >> and at the the end of it, he just ripped the helmet off and looks at the folks in the car, and this guy in the car smartly backs up a little bit and walks around, almost as if he is laugh
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laughi laughing. it is one of the nervous laughter moments. >> yeah, i almost died laughter. this is one that is going to make you freak out, especially if you are a cat lover, but i have to say that first, there is a happy endingicto >> oh, wow. >> you can hear the cat meowing obviously in excruciating pain, and this thing is wrapped around it a number of times. it can't get air with the meow, and then this brave dude goes in to get the cat's one paw free, and look at the cat just in serious pain. and now, watch, this guy grabs the neck of the boa constrictor, and the boa constrictor has a big bite into the cat's one leg. and watch this, he is trying to rip the leg out of the boa constrictor's mouth. that looks like it hurts a
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number of ways, and finally gets that free. he is able to just unravel this snake right off of the cat, and the cat there is like, what the heck just happened. you can see it does hop off here. >> oh, my gosh. this is awful. >> i want him to get the cat and scoop it up in their arms, and i want them to take it to the vet and pet it and give it some food. >> yeah. >> but look, give this guy some credit here, because at the beginning of the video, you are looking at the thing and thinking that the cat has no chance, but the dude in the yellow tank top came to the rescue and did the job. dude makes a daring decision to take a dive. >> nobody around to talk about it right now. >> find out if he breaks on through to the ot
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the guys over at the trampoline universe in australia partnered up with the innity list crew to film this video in the park, and of course, a ton of trampolines and bunch of jump happy people doing really cool stunts. >> have you ever been to one of these? >> no, but they have a basketball hoop there so you can do all kinds of cool dunks. there's so much padding and bouncey room in this stuff, i feel it is impossible to get hurt. >> when they play dodgeball, it is like a big jumping dodgeball
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arena. >> is this weird that i'm a grown-up and i want my birthday party there. >> no, there are a bunch of grown-ups there. >> the majority of the people there are grown men and women to do some cool stunts. >> now, you don't have to jump on the bed. >> go here and you just have to go all of the way to australia. sometimes the head says, yo, stop eating this. and your mouth says, nah, man, good. >> and your stomach says oh, boy. >> that is the case with little alyssa here in ukrain about a year and a half, and she is in fact eating a raw onion like it is an apple. >> look at that face. >> apparently, she really loves the taste of the onion, and she feels the burn and the eyes are crying and the brain is like, stop, this hurts, but her mouth is saying they are good. >> onions are good, but not by
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themselv themselves. >> you can't force kids to eat anything, broccoli and onions and she is willingly eating a raw onion. >> and she keeps on going like it is delicious. >> can you imagine changing that diaper after this? oh. >> and another video where i believe that the head is saying nothing is coming out with the mouth saying, i'm going to keep on sucking. >> oh, no. >> don't go there. >> it makes sense when you see it. >> oh, that is gross. >> this little baby is 10-month-old adrianna, and she has mistaken grandpa's mole for a nipple. >> oh, no. >> that is just grabbing it and suck i sucking the mole, and she is saying, no milk is coming out, but the head is saying, that feels like a nipple. and grandpa. >> oh, no. >> and you can hear the baby sucki ining on it. >> talk about the family video. somebody get this kid a sippy cup. get the al looe vera, becau
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these guys may need for it the stunt they are about to attempt. >> just go through it. >> i can totally make that. >> he looks, yes, at that fireplace and says, yeah, i could totally make that. that being jump right through the hole while there's a fire burning inside the fireplace. >> this is stupid upon stupid. >> i could not agree more. let's see. there are beverages in play here, and keep that in mind. >> no water available. it is alcohol to douse you with. >> yeah, yeah. >> they are cracking up, and he is close to the fireplace to measure it out. seriously, dude? come on. >> a lot of mathematics going into this. he is taking his time to do the math. >> nobody around to talk about it right now. >> and the other guy is not bothering to take his feet off of the fireplace.
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>> finally, he builds up enough courage and he takes the shot. >> don't do it, don't do it, don't do it -- >> i'm so bull p[ bleep ] scare >> you should be. there's a fire. >> he made it. the only thing that he did was to bang the shoe on the fireplace that was metal. this happened in the morning after there had been a get together where all of the people were at. he is lucky he didn't get burned. >> yes, fire, no water, and lots of alcohol. geez. >> that is going to do it for us at "right this minute." we will see you next
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman, and it is time for the best videos of the day "right this minute." two dudes duke it out over a parking spot. >> nobody is landing anything. it is a lot of like showmanship. >> this is not going to end in a tko. >> no, absolutely not. you will be surprised how it ends. >> two to settle the spat. and coming in for a landing -- >> the visibility is diminishing until the runway disappears. >> with no landing in sight, see what is next for this


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